12 Tote Bags You'll Love

I am somewhat of a "bag lady."  What I mean is that I am constantly carrying a lot of stuff around.  It might be my camera equipment (yay new camera!), or my gym clothes.  It used to be school work, now it's work work.  My laptop.  My groceries.  You name it - I'm lugging it around.  And I used to tote this stuff using whatever was handy, an old grocery bag, an ugly backpack I found at Goodwill (note: there are amazing things to be found at Goodwill, I just happened to buy an ugly backpack there).  But now, I am determined to extend my eye for beauty and my obsession for fashion to my bags.  Tote bags seem to be somewhat of a fashion trend these days and come in all sorts of amazing shapes, colors, sizes and patterns.  Here are some of my favorite ideas.  Hooray for fashionable bag ladies!

1. Hand Printed Tote Bags / Bosque  2. BDG Awning Tote Bag / Urban Outfitters  3. Striped Tokyo Tote / Rib and Hull  4. Vintage Woven Sisal and Leather Handbag / The Vintage Warlord  5. Portland Grocery Tote / Maptote  6. La Tropezienne / Clare Vivier  7. Sailor Tote Bag / Bayan Hippo  8. Louche Canvas Shoulder Bag / Joy  9. Classic Tote Bag / Jesse Kam  10. Large Jute Tote Bag / Wisteria  11. Grid Tote Bag / Our Shop  12. Crossword Puzzle Tote Bag / Farm Online

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