Sidesaddle Kitchen - Cute Girl plus Yummy Treats = Loveliness

A while back, my lovely friend Laura started Sidesaddle Kitchen, a Bay Area bakery that specializes in raw, vegan, gluten-free, organic, and soy-free desserts that are "not gross."  Her slogan is hilarious and so is she.  She's also stylish, pretty and a darn good maker of sweet treats.

For the past year or so you could have found her treats at the Underground Market in San Francisco, but this was recently shut down by the Health Department for permitting reasons (Read the New Times Article about it here).  Laura is committed to getting her business into a commercial kitchen and has started a fundraiser on Kickstarter to raise the cash needed to do so.  If you believe in helping small businesses, especially those that promote healthy, eco-friendly eating, then consider making a contribution.

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