A Piece of Me - Impromptu Farm Visit

Last weekend Troy and I decided at the last minute to take a trip to my parent's farm on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River.  Every time I go there I feel so incredibly fortunate that my family has this land.  It's so beautiful and has been in my family for generations.  While Troy and my dad went off doing manly things, my mother and I, like true gatherers, spent most of our time in the woods.  Spring is in full force.  We foraged for morel mushrooms, which were early this year because of the odd weather we've been having.  (If you've never had a morel mushroom, go to your farmers market as soon as possible and sautee those suckers up - they're ridiculously good).  I found a gorgeous rock with red swirls and sparkly crystals.  And all the while, we were tromping through a woods filled with purple, yellow and white violets.  The weekend was definitely too short.  Here are a few shots I took while at the farm. 


  1. I just stumbled on your blog..what a lovely surprise! Those photos are lovely!

  2. Thanks Melissa! I just checked out you're blog too...also lovely : )


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